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Bureau of Energy Efficiency tells Andhra Pradesh government to implement ECBC code

  • National News
  • September 03, 2020

Source:The New Indian Express

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has emphasised the need to issue a government order for the mandatory implementation of Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC).

The bureau has requested energy and municipal administration and urban developments (MAUD) to take immediate measures as per the policy of the Government of India regarding implementation of ECBC, one of the most cost effective tools to bring down the energy demand and deliver significant energy savings.

The Andhra Pradesh government had integrated the ECBC compliance into the online Development Permission Management System (DPMS) for building approvals in 2019.The MAUD department issued a circular as well. However, only 20 buildings in the State, most of which belong to the government, have incorporated the building code.

The ECBC Code is applicable to any commercial building or complex that has a plot area of 1,000 square meters or more. The buildings of certain type such as multiplexes, hospitals and hotels must comply with ECBC, irrespective of the built-up area.

BEE director general Abhay Bhakre, along with BEE secretary RK Rai and Director (ECBC) Saurabh Diddi, reviewed the progress and performance of ECBC implementation in all States and said that the Centre was keen on adoption of ECBC-2017 in commercial buildings, which would translate to energy savings of around 300 billion units by 2030 and peak demand reduction of over 15 GW a year in the country.

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