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Webinar on “Thermal Comforts in Affordable Housing: Challenges and Opportunities”

  • National News
  • October 05, 2020

The UN has proposed thermal comfort as a human right. The Central and State governments also need to accordingly identify and set thermal comfort benchmarks for affordable housing in India. India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) promotes adaptive thermal comfort standards for commercial spaces, however, adaptive comfort benchmarks for affordable housing sector are least talked about in the current scenario. With rising incomes and aspirations for enhanced comfort, the affordable housing sector is likely drift away from the use of energy-intensive refrigerant-based space cooling options. An increased intensity, frequency and duration of heat waves due to climate change and urban heat island may escalate an early adoption of energy-efficient cooling technologies. To ensure ‘Thermal Comfort for All’ and address the alarming environmental concerns, it is imperative to align the energy efficiency measures and occupant centric building design for providing better comfort to the ultimate beneficiaries of the affordable housing sector.

In view of the above, Sustainable Buildings Division, TERI, have initiated a series of webinars titled 'TERI Web-S: Unlocking Sustainability 2020' to discuss ideas and initiatives on the identified themes. The series will focus on building the capacity and knowledge of building practitioners, practitioners in ULBs, early career researchers and academia towards informed decision- making for resource efficiency. The webinar will be held on 6th October,2020 to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the affordable housing sector.

The Agenda of the webinar is attached here.