Energy Conservation – New Indian Way for Affordable & Sustainable homes



This Energy Efficiency Day, Suntuity REI aims to make India an energy independent countryVivek

  • The City Solution
  • October 15, 2020


With the growing environmental hazards due to increasing carbon emission through fossil fuel, it is the need of the hour to resort to sustainable sources of energy like renewable energy. In a country like India, there are still hundreds of villages which are yet to receive electricity. With Energy Efficiency Day round the corner, Suntuity REI advocates solar adoption and while encourages citizens and Government to rely on renewable energy as one of the most viable alternatives to reduce the carbon footprint in the country.

The country has a geographical advantage with almost a dozen of perennial rivers, 7,500 kms of coastline and 300 sunny days thus making solar adoption on land or water is extremely feasible. The installation of floating solar can also help in water saving as it reduces water evaporation massively.The increasing demands and installations will catapult the job opportunities by 40% in the sector. Also, the cost effective sources of energy will eventually contribute towards the growth of the country’s GDP thus aiding the Prime Minister’s vision of making India a $5 trillion economy.

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