Energy Conservation – New Indian Way for Affordable & Sustainable homes

India can save 2

4.6 billion tCO2

emissions up to 2050

At present India has

53 Cities and in 2050
77 Cities

with more than 1 million habitants

The average residential floor space per unit will rise from

11 m2in 2012 to
35 m2in 2050

Rate of Urbanization
will increase from

31% to 51%

between 2015 and 2047

Energy efficiency will not only save money but also make money for those, who utilize it

India’s electricity use will rise

6 x

in a business-as-usual scenario

Space cooling demand will rise

12 x

by 2050

We do not have to generate, transport nor store the energy that we save


of the expected buildings in 2050 are yet to be built