Energy Conservation – New Indian Way for Affordable & Sustainable homes



The EcoNiwas Tool on this website follows a 3-phase approach with a new development in each phase as follows:



Phase 1: The website incorporates a basic information center for the public and a simple tool for students and interested people. The objective of phase 1 is to raise awareness and make people interested in energy efficiency measures in buildings.


Phase 2: The information center will expand further and thereby, it will host a platform interesting also for professionals. The EcoNiwas website will evolve to a working space and exchange platform. A possible "Appliance Tool" would show the interior of a building and the possibility to play around with appliances’ energy efficiency. The objective of phase 2 is to provide a holistic and comprehensive website and tool.


Phase 3: A transition towards sustainable buildings shall be illustrated by more characteristics. Furthermore, all building typologies including commercial, public and other buildings will be made available in selection criteria. Driven by innovative programs and most appropriate technologies, the tool will frequently be updated to the newest standards. This gives the opportunity for suppliers and manufactures to place their products together with comprehensive information in the tool.