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Fifth One day Webinar on ENS Training for SAS Nagar, Punjab

  • Webinar
  • 30 April, 2020

ENS Cell Punjab in support with PEDA, BEE, and GIZ organised the fifth webinar on EcoNiwas Samhita Awareness on 30th April 2020 for various stakeholders of SAS region, Punjab.

The key features and significance of EcoNiwas Samhita 2018 was explained in the first session of the webinar.The importance of EcoNiwas Samhita for the state was explained and discussed in detail by the ECBC master trainer and the panelists from BEE,GIZ and PEDA. Representative from PEDA also explained the steps taken by the ECBC and ENS cells for on ground implementation of ECBC and ENS in the state.The second session involved discussion of technical aspects and scope of Residential Building Labeliing Programme. The two technical sessions were followed by Q&A session where the participants raised different questions regarding EcoNiwas Samhita 2018 compliance, energy performance, limitations etc.Total 81 individuals from different sectors attended the webinar.Most of them were Architects, consultants, builders, government officials from various departments and other professionals related to building industry.

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