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The ECONIWAS Advanced tool is a simulation based evaluation platform that has been designed to assist the Architects, Engineers, MEP consultants, developers alike in understanding and evaluating the design features of the residential projects on account of their energy, environmental and economic performance. This tool has family of options for various building design parameters such as Building Geometry, Envelope, Lighting, Equipment, HVAC and Economics, the user can play with these customizable options that are available as input in the tool and come up with the best possible selection of parameters to make the building design optimized in terms of economics as well energy performance.

The simulation based ECONIWAS Advanced tool is for the professionals (Architects,Engineers, MEP consultants, project developers, Industry professionals) who wish to perform detailed analysis of the project design features in terms of energy efficiency and economic feasibility. The tool has the provision of various inputs of building design parameter options ranging from Building Geometry, Envelope, Lighting, Equipment, HVACand Economicsto check the project performance. Dive in to learn more!

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