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Awareness Webinar on ENS Implementation and Star Labelling for Residential Buildings for Real State Professionals of Punjab

  • Webinar
  • 18 May, 2020

Awareness program for real Estate Professionals on EcoNiwas Samhita Implementation and Star Labelling for Residential Buildings was conducted as a webinar in association with NAREDCO. The webinar was conducted on 18th May 2020 for various real estate professionals for the region of Punjab. The webinar was organized by ENS Cell in support with PEDA, BEE and GIZ.

In the beginning, Director General, NAREDCO explained the role & contributions required from the developers for the development of energy efficient residences in our country. In accordance with his speech, senior representatives from PEDA, BEE and GIZ explained the importance of energy efficiency and the activities of BEE for energy efficiency in residential buildings in PAN India level. The technical session were divided into two parts where the first session covered EcoNiwas Samhita 2018 and the second session covered Star Labelling of Residential Buildings followed by Q&A session.The significance of the code and labelling from developers' perspective, key features and all the necessary informations related to the programmes were explained in detail. A total no. of 191 professionals participated in the webinar.

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