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One day ENS Awareness and Training Programme organised for CT University, Ludhiana and Shahpur

  • Webinar
  • 21 May, 2020

One day webinar on EcoNiwas Samhita Awareness and Training program was held on 21st May 2020 for the students and faculties of CT University,Ludhiana and Shahpur. The program was organised by ENS Cell Punjab in collaboration with BEE GIZ & PEDA. The objective of the program was to explain the significance and key features of EcoNiwas Samhita 2018,Compliance tool and implementation of ENS in the state. .The policies undertaken by BEE and PEDA for energy efficiency measures in building sector in the state was explained in the programme.The technical session was carried out by ECBC master trainer which was followed by Q&A session.Participants for the webinar were primarily Architect students.Total Number of attendees was 56 in the webinar.

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