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ENS Training Webinar for Prayag Raj, Uttar Pradesh

  • Webinar
  • 01 October, 2020

The 9th webinar on EcoNiwas Samhita in Uttar Pradesh was conducted on 1st Oct 2020 for various stakeholders of Prayagraj. The webinar was organized by ENS Cell in support with UP NEDA, BEE and GIZ.The programme commenced with an introduction speech from Mr. Ram Kumar, UP NEDA. He explained the importance of energy efficiency in residential units in India. He also discussed the various initiatives taken by the UP NEDA to implement energy efficiency measures in the state. He informed about the two cells working towards the implementation of ENS and ECBC in the state.This was followed by Mr. Vikas Ranjan, GiZ who spoke about the steps taken by Bureau of Energy Efficiency for implementation of various energy policies in residential building sector.The technical sessions were divided into two parts where the residential building code EcoNiwas Samhita and Star labelling for energy efficient homes were explained to the attendees.The significance, objectives and scope of both the programmes were explained in detail to the attendees. The audience of the webinar included architects covering various cities of Uttar Pradesh– Prayagraj. Attendees from other cities also attended the webinar. Over 50 participants attended this webinar.