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Power to the people - A case for energy-efficient appliances in rural India

  • Vision Daily
  • September 14, 2020


Studies have shown there is a constant rise in rural incomes in India and therefore people are expected to improve their quality of lifestyle from what it has been till now. A major which governs the majority of the lifestyle is electricity Improved electricity supply and rising rural incomes are expected to drive a surge in demand for household electric appliances—and an associated increase in electricity consumption.

Studies estimate that most households in India have yet to purchase basic appliances, especially in rural areas. Even though the country is the third largest consumer of electricity globally, India’s per capita consumption is less than a third of the world average. At a time when India is focused on improving its rural economy and empowering the under-served population with better access to electricity services, this is a powerful development that could boost demand for household appliances across the country, therefore affordable, quality-verified energy-efficient appliances must be the way forward.

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