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Only 25% aware of energy efficient appliances in India, shows data

  • National News
  • October 08, 2020

India has successfully provided metered electricity connections to 97 per cent households, but barely 25 per cent are aware of energy efficient appliances, said a recent report by the Council of Energy, Environment & Water (CEEW).

The report also pointed out shortcomings in the awareness programmes organised by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

The study by CEEW found that 40 per cent of households ranked appliance cost as the most important factor in a purchase decision, followed by other parameters, including brand popularity, durability and energy savings.

After almost a decade and a half since launch of the ‘Standards & Labeling’ (S&L) programme, only a quarter of the electrified Indian households have heard of ‘star labels’, said the report. The awareness is relatively lower among the rural population.

“Low awareness about BEE star labels highlights the need for year-round and sustained awareness campaigns, in regio¬n¬al langu¬ages and thr¬ough diverse media, to capture the attention of consumers in smal¬ler towns and rural areas,” the CEEW said. The report comes after a recent CAG observation on consumers paying extra for star-labelled appliances even though they were not necessarily energy efficient.

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