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Artificial Intelligence For Sustainable And Energy Efficient Buildings

  • The City Solution
  • November 30, 2020


According to the goals of Europe’s green deal missions, the continent strives for becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Since buildings are a major contributor to the overall consumption of energy, improving their energy efficiency can be a key to a more sustainable and greener Europe. On the way towards zero-emission buildings, several challenges have to be met: In modern energy systems, several energy sources have to be orchestrated to maintain a high security of supply, to guarantee a healthy environment for the building users, and both by using a minimum of conventional energy. Further, the modern building also hosts the electric filling station for one or several electric vehicles, requiring a significant amount of electrical power. Since the components of the building energy systems are integrating more and more sensors and embedded systems, buildings are becoming networked cyber-physical energy systems — especially larger objects like airports, shopping malls or office buildings. Artificial intelligence can help to optimize the operation of these complex systems. Applications include monitoring of the building energy control system for faulty operational states, which usually are decreasing the efficiency of the energy system. Data collected on the energy system components can be used to analyse and predict the current state and enable condition-based maintenance.

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