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for Residential Buildings in India


India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change (2008) points to building energy efficiency measures as very essential to carbon emission reduction of the country. At the forefront, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India and GIZ are working together to form policies to promote energy efficiency and support their execution at national and state level. The ECONIWAS program aims to promote energy efficiency in residential buildings and in turn reduce the impact of carbon footprint on the environment, particularly for India. It target consumers who are eager to understand the variety of energy efficiency (EE) measures that are available and the professionals who want to exercise energy efficiency of various customizable options including the compliance status of the building design as per Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) guidelines and regulation.

This platform shall serve as a one stop solution for consumers and professionals a like in understanding energy efficiency in residential buildings in terms of various materials and technologies available in the market and their actual impact on the energy performance.

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